Liquid Design System

Liquid is the design system for digital products at Merck, providing libraries for designers in Sketch and Figma as well as for developers in React and React Native. It bridges the gap between a loud brand and an understandable interface with visual hierarchies and options for guiding the user.

AI-powered Tablet Check

A tool that scans multiple hundreds of tablets per minute during their production using high-speed cameras. The initial UI was super confusing and contained many details and a lot of unnecessary information. After a thorough session of user testing, we found out that the only thing people in front of the interface cared about only was whether there is a problem or not ?‍♂️


Meet Graphotate, the tool for image annotation at scale, created in collaboration with London based startup V7. With scientists in mind, we wanted to provide the go-to place where you can have your data sets annotated in an easy-to-use way. Besides the option to outsource the annotation tasks you can also integrate custom plugins and make Graphotate your own.

Medium Articles

I’m occasionally publishing stories about projects cases and general UX related topics on Medium on behalf of myself (@brnckmnn) and the team at work (@uxsd).

YouTube Tutorial Series

A while ago, I created a series of free video tutorials about different UX related topics on YouTube. 

Dribbble Shots

These are some of my recent Dribbble shots. Props go out to the entire UXSD team who collaboratively worked on all shots of the Dribbble team. 

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